Thursday, 17 July 2008

JBoss Cache 3.0.0 "Naga" - first Alpha now available!

So to follow up from my post yesterday on MVCC, I'd like to announce that 3.0.0.ALPHA1 - codenamed Naga after the Naga Jolokia pepper - is now ready for download.

This release, in addition to a few major features like MVCC and a new configuration file format, contains a number of internal refactorings which will improve performance and stability even on previous locking schemes.

Have a look at the complete changelog of what is included in 3.0.0.ALPHA1. If you are interested, visit our JIRA page to look at what else is scheduled for 3.0.0.GA as well and vote on things - it helps us organise and prioritise features.

As usual, the download is available on SourceForge and the forums are open for your comments. :-) Please do stress this release out with your performance tests, I'd love to hear how it deals with load and massive concurrency.


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