Monday, 24 August 2009

JBoss Cache 3.2.0 Malagueta just released!

Another major JBoss Cache release: say hello to Malagueta!

While this is primarily a bug fix release, I have decided to bump up the minor version number (3.1.x -> 3.2.x) due to library compatibility. JBoss Cache 3.1.x could only support JGroups up to and equalling 2.6.x. Due to dependence on certain JGroups classes, 3.1.x will not work with newer JGroups releases (such as JGroups 2.8.x).

JBoss Cache 3.2.0 adds the ability to work with both JGroups 2.6.x as well as 2.8.x and beyond, and as such is more future-proof. Visit JIRA for a full changelog of issues addressed in this release. Downloads and documentation are in the usual places.