Friday, 29 June 2007

Month of Bugs extended

Never mind the misleading name, the "Month of Bugs" for JBoss Cache will basically run all the way through to the GA date, which will probably be towards the end of July.

Just so people know that the competition is still open. :-)

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Month of Bugs - June 2007

This weekend we've launched the Month of Bugs competition for JBoss Cache. With just over a month to go before the planned release of JBoss Cache 2.0.0 Habanero, we'd like to invite the community to take part in this competition.

Contributions are welcome in all areas including bug fixes, unit tests, documentation and wiki articles, with the best ones receiving prizes delivered on the date of the final release.

Do visit the JBoss Cache Month of Bugs page for details. Looking forward to your participation!


Manik Surtani
Project Lead, JBoss Cache

Saturday, 2 June 2007

JBoss Cache 2.0.0 enters CR2

JBoss Cache 2.0.0 Habanero has just been released as a CR2. I expect at least another 2 CRs before going GA, the last CR containing a GA of JGroups 2.5.0, with its impressive new "concurrent stack". (See JGRP-181 for details on this).

Over the weekend we will also launch the Month of Bugs for JBoss Cache 2.0.0 Habanero, where we hope to promote people downloading and using Habanero CRs in their environments and use cases, and feeding back as much as possible, to make the GA of Habanero rock solid. More on the Month of Bugs later.

One significant point about CR2 is that performance has been significantly improved. People have complained on the user forums that CR1 was considerably slower than the 1.4.x series (1.4.1 Cayenne, our fastest release to date), almost as slow as the 1.3.x Wasabi series. After extensive profiling, I'm happy to say that in the basic use cases and tests performed so far, Habanero CR2 outperforms Cayenneby almost 20%. I expect to publish more formal statistics comparing with Cayenne by the time CR3 is out.

So all in, an interesting release and you are encouraged to download and give it a go. The download is available on the JBoss Cache downloads page, and the docs on the JBoss Cache docs page. As usual, discuss this release on the JBoss Cache user forums.


Manik Surtani
Project Lead, JBoss Cache

Friday, 1 June 2007

Blogging on

Instead of blogging on my "official" company blog at JBoss - where I'd usually talk about stuff related to JBoss Cache and such tech related topics, I've decided to move to

Why? Mainly because I like the editing interface. Also, because I reckon it will get more readership and articles will still be syndicated on the JBoss Cache page on

Anyway, I've just set this up, real content is on it's way.


Manik Surtani
Project Lead, JBoss Cache