Tuesday, 5 May 2009

JBoss Cache 3.1.0 Cascabel in final release

I've just released JBoss Cache 3.1.0.GA, codenamed Cascabel. The big feature in this release is non-blocking state transfer, which allows for state to be transferred to new joiners in a cluster without freezing the cluster. I blogged about non-blocking state transfer some months ago, here.

Other changes include some critical bug fixes such as JBCACHE-1490, JBCACHE-1496, JBCACHE-1507 and JBCACHE-1508. New features - in addition to non-blocking state transfer - include a new lock-per-Fqn scheme for MVCC, which provides greater concurrency than the striped lock mechanism at the cost of memory usage and a slight performance hit.

The complete list of JIRAs addressed is here.

Downloads, documentation, etc are all in the usual place.