Thursday, 18 October 2007

JBoss Cache 2.1.0 Alegrias is in BETA1

JBoss Cache 2.1.0.BETA1 has just been released. This is an incremental release on the 2.x series.

The download is available on the JBoss Cache downloads page, and the docs on the JBoss Cache docs page.

Your feedback on this release is much appreciated!


Manik Surtani

Monday, 8 October 2007

Manik Surtani @ GrailsExchange

Guys n' Gals,

I'll be speaking on Advanced JBoss Cache usage at Grails Exchange in London later this month. Grails Exchange runs from Wednesday the 17th of October to Friday the 19th of October, inclusive, and my talk is scheduled for Thursday the 18th of October, at 15:10.

I hope to cover an architectural and design overview of JBoss Cache, speak about how it is typically used in other applications and products, explain a bit about the new 2.x series APIs, and describe what we have in store for the future.

Hope to see you there!


Hudson at last!

So we've finally got a public Hudson instance running for JBoss Cache to replace CruiseControl, which went out with our migration from CVS to SVN. And what a long wait too - whew!

So at last, you can now view build status and test results on the JBoss.ORG public Hudson instance (now to get it to expose additional source analyses like FindBugs results, etc!)

Enjoy, people!