Thursday, 20 March 2008

JBoss Cache 2.1.0 "Alegrias" in GA

The much-awaited JBoss Cache 2.1.0.GA release is now public and available.

In addition to a few bugfixes on 2.0.0, 2.1.0 adds a few new features such as a reconnectable TcpDelegatingCacheLoader, some new API convenience methods (reminiscent of the 1.x API), and a new notifier callback to inform listeners when a buddy group changes membership. And a lot of internal refactoring to make the code leaner, faster and more robust/maintainable. See JIRA for the full list of changes and enhancements.

Downloads are in the usual place. Everyone on 2.0.0 should upgrade - there are some pretty significant bug fixes here.

I must give special thanks to Mark Newton,'s content lead who has helped with revamping the JBoss Cache documentation making it much more readable and easy to follow. Check out the very cool code-snippet syntax highlighting!!

Finally, a couple of things have changed with our user forums as well - there are now separate forums for Core and POJO editions of the cache; please use the relevant forum when discussing JBoss Cache. It helps us organise information better, helping you find stuff on older threads.