Wednesday, 2 July 2008

CRs everywhere. POJO Edition as well.

So there have been a whole host of CRs on JBoss Cache Poblano. We've been releasing a whole bunch of these fairly close to one another, and have finally come to a pretty stable and solid CR that may well be the last before GA. 2.2.0.CR6 it is - and you know where to get it.

In addition, after a long wait, we also finally have the POJO Edition catching up with the release numbers. jbosscache-pojo 2.2.0.CR5 has been released with a CR6 coming out pretty shortly. The wait, primarily due to dependencies on fixes and new features in javassist and JBoss-AOP, is worth it - POJO Edition now handles array interception, more of which I expect Jason to blog about shortly.

Since we are at the final stages of release candidates for 2.2.0, I urge you to download and try out this release, and feed back as much as possible.

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