Wednesday, 15 August 2007

JBoss Cache changes

Since releasing Habanero, I've been busy changing a few things around the way the source tree is managed (it was getting pretty messy). Basically, a lot of this revolves around JBCACHE-1142 which involves a number of changes. Let's take these one at a time.

1. Source code repository

We've moved from CVS to subversion. Still hosted on though, the main driver behind this was to be able to move files and directory structures around and not lose revision history.

Details of how to access the new repository are on the JBoss Cache wiki - committer rights have been carried across from CVS.

2. Structure

We've split POJO Cache into a separate module for easier dependency management. So now jbosscache-core and jbosscache-pojo can be built separately. See the wiki link above for more details.

3. Build tool

We've ditched ant in favour of Maven2. This affects the way the project is built and the way deliverables are created, but makes dependency management that much easier. So after a few hair-tearing days getting it to behave just the way I wanted it, we're finally ready here. Details of how to use Maven2 to build JBoss Cache are in the README-maven.txt file in the src tree.

4. TestNG

We're in the process of ditching the ageing JUnit 3.8-based test suite in favour of one based on TestNG. The reason behind this decision is so we can group and parameterise tests better, so that more combinations are tested (E.g., a test can be annotated as transactional and using a cache loader, and the test will be run with every combination of cache loader and transaction manager configured in the suite). The end result here will be a much more robust and well-tested product.

5. Preferred distribution

While we will still upload ZIPs onto SourceForge, we're trying to encourage users to use JBoss Cache using our Maven2 repository (and snapshot repo), to make dependency management easier.

An important point to note is that we've also standardised the groupId and artifactId used to org.jboss.cache and jbosscache-core (or jbosscache-pojo) respectively.

6. JBoss Cache 2.1.0 Alegrias

I had asked for suggestions for naming JBoss Cache 2.1.0 on the dev mail list, and have decided on Alegrias, courtesy of Galder Zamarreno. From Galder's email:

It's a type of very spicy chilli pepper from La Rioja in Spain, the same region from which the best spanish red wine comes.

Alegrias means happiness in plural, but in this case, they're trying to highlight tears of happiness ;)

So with that, I'd like to thank everyone who helped with Habanero and look forward to your participation on Algerias.

Manik Surtani

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Galder said...

Quite a few changes indeed!!! Thanks for accepting my name suggestion :). In fact, I'd recommend any brave human being to try out one of those cans. They're evil!

It's certainly non stop at JBoss, specially in the JBoss Cache team. 2.0.GA out, more to come....