Wednesday, 8 August 2007

JBoss Cache 2.0.0 (Habanero) in GA

Habanero's finally in GA. Thanks to everyone who waited patiently for this major release, and to everyone who contributed - in code, patches, docs, bug reports, suggestions, testing, everything.

A lot of credit goes to Jason Greene, who joined as POJO Cache lead midway during Habanero development. Without his efforts we wouldn't have a stable POJO Cache release!

This is a milestone for JBoss Cache, where we move to a new, much more flexible and powerful API, and better support for running outside of JBoss AS, either in standalone Java SE or other containers.

We will also soon be announcing winners in the recent "month of bugs" competition, so watch this space.

There is a brand new user guide and tutorial, please do give these a go even if you are an experienced JBoss Cache user.

Please visit the JBoss Cache downloads page, docs page and discuss this release on the user forums.



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