Friday, 13 February 2009

What to expect in JBoss Cache

So we're about to cut JBoss Cache 3.1.0 "Cascabel" - and the main feature here is the high-performance non-blocking state transfer (NBST) scheme we've been planning for a while now, held back due to the lack of non-blocking reads in the past. Thanks to MVCC, we now have non-blocking reads, and thanks to Jason Greene, an impressive non-blocking state transfer implementation. Expect a beta of Cascabel to be made available in the coming days/weeks, along with a detailed write-up of NBST.

But in the meantime, I've just cut JBoss Cache 3.0.3.CR1. This CR fixes a number of bugs - some critical - on Naga, and I strongly recommend anyone using Naga to download and test out 3.0.3.CR1. I expect this to be a very short CR cycle so please test heavily and provide as much feedback as you can, I expect a 3.0.3.GA to be released very soon.

You can download the CR in the usual place on SourceForge, or grab it from our Maven2 repository.


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