Tuesday, 6 May 2008

JBoss Cache 2.1.1.GA released

I've just released a minor version on 2.1.0 "Alegrias", with some pretty important bug fixes. These include:

  • [ JBCACHE-1329 ] double removal on optimistic locking leaving stale nodes
  • [ JBCACHE-1170 ] Leakage of marshalling region stored in ThreadLocal causes partial state transfer to fail when multiple regions present
  • [ JBCACHE-1309 ] Unguarded adding of nodes to workspace
  • [ JBCACHE-1310 ] Marshalling failure with optimistic PREPARE
  • [ JBCACHE-1325 ] ClassLoader and probable memory leak in ReusableObjectInputStream
  • [ JBCACHE-1326 ] TxInterceptor leaks MethodCall to thread
  • [ JBCACHE-1316 ] recycleQueue.put() could block forever halting evictions and eventually any replications
Other improvements include enhancements to configuration and performance:
For a full list of JIRAs included in this release, please see the release note report. As this is the latest and greatest of JBoss Cache 2.X, I would encourage anyone who is using a 2.X release to switch to 2.1.1.GA.


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