Friday 23 April 2010

JBoss Cache 3.2.4.GA released!


Today we've released JBoss Cache 3.2.4.GA which contains fixes in here. Note as well that a couple of days ago we released 3.2.3.GA which had fixed these other issues. If you're using the Expiration eviction algorithm, you'll be greatly benefited from these releases.

Finally, remember that JBoss has moved to a new Nexus based maven repository, so make sure you update your local Maven settings as per instructions here in order to retrieve the new JBoss Cache releases.


Tuesday 16 February 2010

JBossCache3.2.3CR1 released!

JBossCache3.2.3CR1 has just been released. It contains a single performance improvement[1] that significantly increases the throughput when JDBC cache loader is used under heavy load. Thanks to Nikolay Zamosenchuk for investigating and fixing this!


Thursday 1 October 2009

JBossCache 3.2.1GA released


This release includes mainly bug fixes and performance improvements. You can find a detailed list of all items included here.


Friday 25 September 2009

Release of JBossCache3.2.1CR1


JBossCache3.2.1CR1 [1] has just been released.
Besides other fixes[2], this includes the integration with jgroups 2.6.13.CR2.



Monday 24 August 2009

JBoss Cache 3.2.0 Malagueta just released!

Another major JBoss Cache release: say hello to Malagueta!

While this is primarily a bug fix release, I have decided to bump up the minor version number (3.1.x -> 3.2.x) due to library compatibility. JBoss Cache 3.1.x could only support JGroups up to and equalling 2.6.x. Due to dependence on certain JGroups classes, 3.1.x will not work with newer JGroups releases (such as JGroups 2.8.x).

JBoss Cache 3.2.0 adds the ability to work with both JGroups 2.6.x as well as 2.8.x and beyond, and as such is more future-proof. Visit JIRA for a full changelog of issues addressed in this release. Downloads and documentation are in the usual places.


Tuesday 5 May 2009

JBoss Cache 3.1.0 Cascabel in final release

I've just released JBoss Cache 3.1.0.GA, codenamed Cascabel. The big feature in this release is non-blocking state transfer, which allows for state to be transferred to new joiners in a cluster without freezing the cluster. I blogged about non-blocking state transfer some months ago, here.

Other changes include some critical bug fixes such as JBCACHE-1490, JBCACHE-1496, JBCACHE-1507 and JBCACHE-1508. New features - in addition to non-blocking state transfer - include a new lock-per-Fqn scheme for MVCC, which provides greater concurrency than the striped lock mechanism at the cost of memory usage and a slight performance hit.

The complete list of JIRAs addressed is here.

Downloads, documentation, etc are all in the usual place.


Wednesday 29 April 2009

Announcing Infinispan

I'd like to announce Infinispan, the spiritual successor to JBoss Cache. Read all about it on the Infinispan blog. And for those of you wondering about the future of JBoss Cache, this is addressed in the Infinispan FAQs.

Also note that Infinispan 4.0.0.ALPHA2 is now available for download. Please give it a go, feedback much appreciated.